Carrier Service

Updated on October 22, 2020

Carrier Service is a Shopify API which allows third-party apps (such as Alpaca) to display shipping rates in the checkout. Alpaca requires access to Carrier Service to display pickup and delivery rates in checkout.

How to get Carrier Service

There are a few ways to be eligible for Carrier Service:

  1. Switch to an annually-paid Shopify plan. We recommend this because you’ll also save some money on your average monthly cost.
  2. Add it to any monthly Shopify plan for $20/mo.
  3. Switch to Shopify Advanced plan or higher.

You will need to contact Shopify Support directly to add Carrier Service. It is not automatically added when you switch to an eligible plan, and we can’t add it on your behalf.

Contact Shopify support to add Carrier Service to your store

You can contact Shopify support by chat or by email.

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